Create different. Redefine medical innovation.

BIOHOUSE is a place for medical technology companies. Operating in top-tier medical centers, BIOHOUSE makes infrastructure, knowledge and expertise available to its members. Our spaces are designed specifically for Biomed and combine strategic location, professional services and investment opportunities, to form a synergistic environment.

Co-work Space & Community

Members enjoy 24/7 access to the BioHouse, designed especially for the MedTech entrepreneur. Clean, fully furnished office space with all the required supporting facilities such as super-fast WiFi, conference rooms, printing services, comfortable common areas, kitchen and coffee stations.

Medical Centers

Startups require the best "medical technology attention". Operating in campuses of top-tier medical centers enables the BIOHOUSE to provide specialized support. Whether seeking clinical data, expert advice, the use of unique core facilities or a suitable platform as a beta-site, BIOHOUSE will connect directly to the relevant professionals.

Global Network

The biomed arena requires entrepreneurs to connect with international key players. BIOHOUSE creates value at each house and across the network, with leading medical centers, universities, investors and leaders of industry from around the world.

Strategic Partners

The ultimate goal of a Biomed venture is to reach patients, providers and payers. BIOHOUSE facilitates strategic partnerships with multi-national corporations and global investors pursuing this ultimate objective.


A network is as strong as its nodes. We are proud to have inspired such professionals to take part in the BIOHOUSE movement.


Prototyping Workshop

Basic tinkering, electronics and 3D printing facilities part of the BIOHOUSE workshop.

Investment Opportunities

Angels, micro-funds, VCs and non-diluting grants are all made available and befitted to BIOHOUSE members.

Full Office Amenities

BIOHOUSE offers open and private office spaces, conference rooms, kitchen and coffee stations, parking and more.

Business Supportp

At BIOHOUSE, startups are connected to the best legal, accounting, PR and other support services

Events And Lectures

Professional content from excellent speakers is brought to BIOHOUSE members together with quality networking and social events.

Mentors And Consultant

Seasoned mentors and experienced consultants in regulation, IP strategy, reimbursement and more are all part of the BIOHOUSE network.

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